I completed an education (creating a better version of myself). I wanted to help myself..and later…help others. I’m a human-being: I treat others how I like to be treated. Education is reserved for those who seek – don’t let any person or university stop/halt personal growth. Knowledge comes easy to those that understand.

+ Holistic nutrition
+ Biochemistry aspect of nutrition
+ Nutrition epigenetics
+ Nutraceuticals
+ Nutritional supplements
+ Sports nutrition
+ Exercise (physiology)
+ Herbicides/pesticides as it relates to GI health
+ Home-care personal aide


Education isn’t about getting a degree…it’s about earning…put L in front… (L)earning


2018: Home-care personal aid (see details below)

2017/18: ALICE training (Shooter Civilian Response Training)

2013/15: returned/contin dietetics w/ exercise sci (dual)

2012/13: exercise science (accredited university)

+ Studied physiology & exercise protocols

Example: bioenergetics / muscle fibers.

2012/13: basics of plant anatomy / function (relating to herbicides).

– Dietetic curriculum failed to cover herbal / plant matter.

– Focus-point: herbicides (chelation) of minerals.

Example: glyphosate in relation to: gastrointestinal intestinal system.

Keywords: gut (microbiome) dysbiosis.

2010/11: online edu (holistic nutr) — not associated w/ dietetics.

2010/11: dietetic / nutrition (nutr) science at a accredited university (uni).

When completing medical nutrition therapy (MNT):

– I felt some of the protocols were inadequate and questioned.

+ I pursued an edu (outside of the typical accredited-uni-setting).

2010/11: attended a accredited university.

2004/6: studied herbal constituents / vitamin metabolism.

Timeline: why/how I go-about.

+ Completed/earned HS diploma at a alternative (online school).

+ Online edu is the way of the future – best choice I made since.

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Simplified timeline nutrition education:

+ Dietetics / nutrition science at accredited university

+ Attaining Optional Health in the 21st Century

+ Institute of Holistic Nutrition – IHN (continuing education)

+ Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation –

+ Weston A. Price foundation

+ Other: Serve Safe certification

Note: I may have completed material/courses online and or in-person.

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Grades: A , B , p (pass)


thumbs up = good experience .
thumbs down = bad experience.
No rating = no thoughts (so-so).

Workplace Hazards and Safety: 86.66%
Medical Emergencies and Emer: 94.44%
Infection Prevention and Control: 90%
Caregiving Core Values and Teamwork: 100%
Caregiving Tasks and Client population: 90%

Healthcare Practice Welcoming to LGBT Seniors (CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION)
Background and History
Creating Safety With Inclusive Language
Health Issues and The Service Setting
Intake Forms and Interviews
Welcoming Language and Outreach

Supporting LGBT Older Adults: 100%



ENGL Fundamentals College Writing: A

ENGL Writing 1: B

ENGL Writing 2: B

ENGL Women in Literature: B

ACCT Accounting: A

MATH Number Concepts Begin Algebra: B

MATH Elementary Algebraic Models: A

MATH Intermediate Algebra: P

CMST Communication Foundations: B



PSYC General Psychology: P

PSYC Human Sexuality: P

SOC Introduction to Sociology: B

COUN Foundations….Human Ecology Professionals: A

COUN Intro Ment Hlth Well: A 

MGT Fundamentals of Management: A 

CHFM Individual Family Development: P

FNUT Community Nutr and Wellness: B

HMEC Human Ecology Professions: P

HMEC Communication of Contemporary Issues: A 


MATC Medical Terminology: B

BIOL Anatomy and Physiology 1: B

BIOL Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab: B

BIOL 1552 UG Anatomy and Physiology 2: B

BIOL Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab: B

BIOL Microbiology Health Prof: A

BIOL Microbiology Hlth Prof Lab: A

CHEM Introduction to Chemistry: A

CHEM Intro Chemistry Lab: A

CHEM Allied Health Chemistry 1: B

CHEM Allied Health Chemistry 1 Lab: B

CHEM Allied Health Chemistry 2: B

CHEM Allied Health Chemistry 2 Lab: B

CHEM General Chemistry 1: P

CHEM General Chemistry 1 Lab: P



FNUT Nutritional Biochemistry: B

FNUT Advanced Nutrition: B

FNUT Maternal and Child Nutrition A

FNUT Nutrition Health and Aging: A

FNUT Normal Nutrition: A

FNUT Nutrition Assessment Lab: A

FNUT Medical Nutrition Therapy 1: B

FNUT Medical Nutrition Ther 1 Lab: A

FNUT Medical Nutrition Therapy 2: B

FNUT Medical Nutrition Therapy 3: B

FNUT Science of Nutrition Exercise: A

FNUT Food Science and Management: B

FNUT Food Science and Managemnt Lab: P

FNUT Food Systems: B

FNUT Food and Culture: P

FNUT Food Systems Lab: A

FNUT Experimental Foods: A

FNUT Experimental Foods Lab: A

FNUT Food Service System Management: B

FNUT DPD capstone:  B 



HPES Physiology of exercise: A

HPES Physiology of exercise lab: B

FNUT Science of Nutrition Exercise: A

HPES Weight Training: A

HPES Physical Activity Core Concept: A

HPES Racquetball: A

HPES Intro Concepts PE Exercise Sci: A

HPES Self Defense: A

HPES Aerobic Condition Activities: P


Online related courses/edu:

note: courses completed online.

Nutrition biochemistry A

Exercise physiology A

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