Thank you for keeping WWW.MR-DENIROX active since 2005


Mainly, I was interested in art/design. In 1999, I began using technology to enhance my skills/abilities. I made an online presence in 2002 (as the online solo artist) – I guess it was unheard for someone (15-16teen) to design a website, shoot & edit material. Eventually, I designed an (AOL & geocities webpage) — before pre-made templates/high speed connection. I generated a non-domain website, which became my official territory; later, I registered a domain name, and things evolved from there. Currently, I use technology for educational/entertainment purposes.

I am human and do not feel superior. I love to hear from productive individuals – questions/thoughts are encouraged. Nicholas D




I present records (screen shots) of transactions (payments/donations) since 2010. I used various merchant account providers to collect payments and donations. Based on (viewer/member/client rating/review), I earned a high star rating. note: I cannot manipulate, delete nor control ratings/reviews.


I’m NOT a paid spokesperson/actor on youtube. Therefore: I do not mislead with (false) reviews on supplements/products. I may speak on behalf of a product under certain conditions: 1) I have to use a particular product 2) find benefits 3) and receive compensation. Also, I create videos (as a creative artist) and have made certain earnings as reflected in the screen shot below.


  • Celebrity: anyone with an audience can become an internet celebrity (or personality), if it’s a desire. One can gain world-wide attention because the internet acts as platform for almost anyone. Simply, one does not need Hollywood to get attention anymore. I think it is the norm for (anyone) to use the internet to find anything of interest — whether entertainment, education, and etc.




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