Classification † Systolic Diastolic
Stage 1 hypertension
Stage 2 hypertension

119 or lower
120 to 139
140 to 159
160 or higher

79 or lower
80 to 89
90 to 99
100 or higher
BMI-Based Classifications Reference Man and Woman
Underweight ≤ 19.9
Normal Weight = 20.0–25.0
Overweight = 25.0–29.9
Obese ≥ 30.0
Men: 15%
Women: 27%
Daily energy expenditure consists of the sum of: To produce weight loss
Resting metabolism – RMR
Thermic effect of food – TEF
Exercise metabolism – EMR
Reduce kCals below daily energy recs
Maintain daily kCals and increase energy expenditure
decrease daily caloric intake and increase daily energy
Exercise and Appetite To produce weight loss
Moderate increases in physical activity may/will possibly blunt appetite and depress energy intake of a previously sedentary, overweight person.

In most cases, exercise + caloric restriction/management offers effective means for weight loss.

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