Continuously, I am revising pages.

1a) Include a brief subject message
1b) Do not send files/links (blocked & marked as spam)
2) Provide first & last name (optional)
3) Provide cell #
4) Allow 1-2 weeks for a response.


Gmail address:
Cell #: (calls/clients only)


Q: Free sessions?
A: No.

Q: I sent ten emails and no reply.
A: Because you sent 10 emails..spam folder. Personally, I cannot review 10 emails by one person.

Q: I contacted but no reply.
A: I apologize for the inconvenience as this is outside my control. I’m working to prevent loss of data (emails). Usually, I receive a certain amount of emails per week and some are marked as spam. If I do not respond, please, post below (on my website). I want to hear from you.

Q: May I add as a contact?
A: I have certain pages where, yes – I allow users to add. However, I may have a separate contact list for quick communication (example: skype). note: I may not be available to speak to non-members.

Q: How do I know your website is real?
A: Use and look up:

Q: I was scammed by fitness gurus before. How are you different?
A: Understood, please view:

Q: May I view testimonials?
A: yes, please view my testimonials:
A: yes, please view phases:

Q: I would like to hire you as a tutor.
A: Awesome, please, checkout my edu page (am I a competent based on fill in the blank?) — also, I must approve: subject, dates, and etc. I must be compensated for the following: attending virtual sessions, creating powerpoints, recording particular files. note: any refund for completed work nonnegotiable.

Q: Do you look at exercise/nutrition plans before payment?
A: No, I must be paid before any session. Usually, after, I will examine, and give my personal view relating to fitness transformation. note: schedule a payment / session before sending any plan.

Q: I am not reaching goals and need help. Can I send videos on youtube? Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
A: No, pause: during the session, we’ll consider underlying issues of how/why.

Q: After payment – how long do I have to wait?
A: I’ll schedule a session – online payments require 2-4 day (bank transfer).

Q: Do you provide a refund?
A: If unable to attend, yes. If you’re not the right candidate, yes. If I cannot answer questions, yes; however, usually, I collect questions/understanding before accepting any payment. However, If I perform my duties – no, I don’t refund.

Q: Do you have webcam to demonstrate workouts and give advice?
A: Yes, I communicate using features like video and voice chat.

Q: Coach @ a local gym?
A: No. Currently, I only provide virtual (online sessions).

Q: What gym do you train at?
A: I don’t share personal details.

Q: Locally, are you interested in business?
A: please contact:
note: serious inquiries will receive a response.

Q: You work for diet solutions?
A: I am not associated with any website/company unless noted.

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