Vitamin store: trust nutrition advice?

Should I trust a sales associate with advice on bodybuilding and nutrient needs?

Here’s what you should know…

  1. Some may hold an education in…nutrition / exercise science.
  2. However, some individuals hold a legit education in….BUSINESS & ENGLISH.
  3. Some individuals have a combined education.


Personally, I rather consider advice from someone who has experience in, fill in the blank.


! People don’t visit a health food store for business advice !

– They assume….so-an-so behind the desk has a legit (health science) background.

However, some DO NOT have a legit background in nutrition and exercise science.


Personally: I consider opinions, but I do not always agree / follow.

With that noted, some individuals have potential to gain knowledge.


No training whatsoever?

  1. It depends on the store and all things.
  2. Some individuals may receive on-job-training – completing computerized (possibly..unmonitored – open book) exams…
  3. Some branches/stores provide an answer key to prepare for exams.
  4. Glancing over-research literature.


What’s the down-side?

  • If….open book is permitted or an answer key is provided…
  1. it requires less effort and minimal understanding of fill in the blank.
  • Almost anyone can pass an open book exam.
  1. On job training (by an unqualified individual)?!


A business minded person preaching vitamin/mineral metabolism?


  1. Glancing does not equate an understanding in/of fill in the blank.


In my experience: typically, it requires 3-4 years and some more…(to intuitively understand) nutrition science (and research literature). If a person doesn’t understand medical-science-terms…it’s incomprehensible.


So, I ask…do you want advice from someone who doesn’t understand? Do you want to pay for that lack of understanding?


If yes, I respect your choices. However, I would consider the following:

– Many who waste $100s if not $1000s by listening to poor advice.

– Experience (deleterious) side effects from whatever supplement.

A person w/ a lack of understanding does not think about… drug-nutrient interaction.


A business minded person has a fiduciary responsibility:

+ Sale what’s in that fuckin store…and you’re the buy.


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