100% natural bodybuilder?

I hear self-proclaimed this/that:

Sh Sh Sheee’s a natural fitness competitor!?
He he he’s steroid free-physique-competitor!?


I maintained social media accounts. What’s that entail?

  1. Graphic / image work
  2. Photo / video editing
  3. Communication
  4. Act as a co-writer
    Among other duties…


I wrote an article: should you hire a coach based on followers? Learn more,  click here.


Anyway, especially in the fitness community…. everyone has a claim:

#100% natural
#Hormone free
#Only eat clean
#Non-gmo diet
#All organic


Can you attest to this? Are such claims true?

In my experience: I worked w/ people who claimed to be:
– Vegan – however, I would see him/er ingesting animal products.
– Steroid free – w/ exception of: exogenous insulin use.

To answer the question: people have a personal definition of fill in the blank.

+ It’s important to ask: what’s your definition of, all natural?!

+ Some individuals will give similar answers w/ certain conditions.


Reality: s/he is, 100% subjective / sensitive to the facts.

What’s the point of this entry?
1. Social media influences people – some of us are simpletons.
2. People are quick to assume…this/that is true w/out any supporting evidence.


Don’t emulate something..or someone you don’t know!
✓ Use social media for entertainment…it’s make believe.


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