Don’t eat any ingredient you cannot pronounce?

You shouldn’t eat any-one ingredient you cannot pronounce.

I understand where you’re coming from, however, what about: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide / fructooligosaccharides?


What I am insinuating?

✔ micronutrients / phytochemicals are difficult to pronounce, even for me!?


So, if you lead w/ that premise….you’ll miss out on nutrient-rich-foods.

Don’t make poor-food-choices because you cannot pronounce a word or ingredient.

Instead, I suggest looking up an ingredient – learn how / why.


Now, w/ that noted, some additives / ingredients are unnecessary – example: MSG and HFCS.


Self-proclaimed experts provide an explanation….

Example: HFCS retards the breakdown / spoilage of bread.

Personally, I don’t need my bread to last any longer than needed – overtime, I want my food to rot / spoil. Why? I guess it provides a sign (timeline) – possibly, an indication of overall quality. Some health specialist strongly disagree, and I am content w/ that – then, they can eat it, yummy.

Now, however, if they can provide evidence of food quality w/ longevity… maybe I’ll consider.

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