Pro-hormones dangerous?

Published: Apr 18, 2015

Revised: 8/29/18

Young men will purchase & use just about anything to increase muscle mass or reduce body fat percentage…but at what cost? A decent % of young men (18 and up) are experiencing (embarrassing) harmful-side-effects…stemming from bodybuilding supplements \ testosterone stimulator (ergogenics).

Why harmful?

1) Supplements are not regulated by the FDA (some companies go through a verification process).

2) Bodybuilding supplements could be laced w/ heavy metals / stimulants / hormones, and etc. Currently, in the USA, prohormones are illegal. The problem is, young men are suffering from side effects: erectile dysfunction, poor sexual performance, hair loss and etc.

Who to blame?

Difficult question to answer – parents are frustrated w/ online…bodybuilding websites, forums (message boards), and youtube videos. Anyone can market themselves as a professional – claim whatever status (provide a personal opinion which seems to get far more attention than facts). Example: on YouTube, young bodybuilder / internet model (emphasizing / exaggerating the benefits of fill in the blank)…failing to provide scientific evidence.

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