Professors who brag…can’t teach!

Revised: 7/1/17

Revised: 4/21/15

I wanted to construct a true, but reliable-reality-base entry (and I hope people can relate). Since forever, I’ve been active in an educational setting. I encounter many who hold a B.A or higher (masters level degree); I am somewhat taken back!

I’ll explain: I wish (we) would humble ourselves a bit more.

Academic setting: I study nutrition & exercise science, and for the most part….I’ve had an awesome experience. However, even I get uncomfortable w/ some educators – by definition, some are NOT a real educator.

I’ll elaborate:

  1. Read word-for-word off of a PowerPoint presentation
  2. Lazy and not prepared
  3. Lose students homework

I attended exercise related courses: an instructor demonstrated how NOT to act –

Unfortunately, people  are paying… $300 to $400 dollars for some rip-off-masquerading as an educator.


What was the underlying problem:

The professor was UNABLE to:

  1. Answer basic questions
  2. Understand basic concepts
  3. Teach basic concepts
  4. Communicate one-on-one
    fail to:
    5. Empower individuals
    6. Properly monitor
    7. Make corrections
    – treat individuals as an equal
    – build on knowledge base
    allowed / permitted:
    8. Academic dishonesty
    9. Embraced poor performance

What did this professor exhibit:
10. Egotistical (brag about a degree)
11. Interest in appearance (expensive clothing)


How does this set an example?

Some professors are overrated and hide behind a degree (friends at a  university) to justify wrong doings. I seen it first hand, and I called attention to it. I said, “where is equality… up in here? Don’t get me started on how women-poo-poo-on-women.” In USA, we seem fund this type and wonder why our educational system is an epic failure – girlfriend, not only is it failing – that shit has already fallen – don’t bother picking up the pieces…the foundation..rotted and needs abolished. Time for a new team that empowers human-beings!


What’s my response?
Mind you, I earned awards… (recognition) for perfect attendance. Some classes, I was better off not attending  – I was better off using the internet / digital textbooks and etc – basically, I was better off teaching myself. Can I receive compensation for that? I was a tutor: (some people share common horror stories). In my case – sometimes, mandatory attendance (waste of quality time)!


What’s the end result?
I’m somewhat worried for future professionals in the field of exercise and nutrition. I mean, look at what we have! Personally, I was in a class…students could not perform simple calculations – resorted to cheating and the professor was aware of it. Note: later, the same students who cheated (failed or barely passed advanced courses). Whatever the case, how will this help perspective clients!? What makes s/he credible?


Actually, now, I understand why the public ignores (so-call-health professionals).


I feel… if we take education seriously and treat people how we like to be treated…redeemed?

First, start w/ monitoring/listening to: professors & student ratings/reviews.

After all, students are paying w/ time and money.


Note: I am not referring to any loser (someone who fails to attend /study).


Below is an actual review (I sent to the chairperson):
I can’t blame ******** (course setup). I’m disappointed with the lack of guidance. I had difficulty getting clear directions/answers (in person/email). Also, goals assign: *** stated: “I’ll only answer questions in this particular lecture. So ask questions now.” Well, later, we may have questions — be open minded/helpful! When communicating: *** had issues making eye contact — her tone was unprofessional/unfriendly. Course: there’s no textbook & powerpoints need citations — where is this data coming from? As for exams: I was disappointed, students were using technology/other means to cheat. Where is the work in cheating? I did report this, but I was told NOT to be the professor. I have a problem with a mediocre system destroying our educational system. Stop ignoring the issues & create solutions for the future! I paid for this course..not you. Spend more than 4 minutes on the topic of heart function and basic biochem. Powerpoint: if there is no textbook – please include citations (sources are important). If a student reports an instructor: please, I hope you take it seriously. A person with a decent track record, a tutor — a double major (who is paying out of pocket) would not waste valuable time. If students are NOT contributing to inclass discussion and cannot recall details from a prior exam — you have to ask why? Why are the minorities (including myself) able to provide answers inclass?

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