Monopolizing nutrition & fitness

Published: 2014

Revised: 5/27/18

Some of us maybe unaware…..the term / title, (nutritionist):

– may not have a regulatory system put in place (depending on the law from state-to-state and all things – please click here for an example).


What does this mean?

Simply, depending on state laws and all things…(anyone) can market / use the term / title, nutritionist (s/he’s not required to have a background/degree and etc).


Good or bad?

Well, this is an issue, no doubt…I’ll explain my side, and maybe….some of us will leave here w/ an understanding.


Did you know….almost anyone can market or use the title: nutritional consultant/adviser.

With that noted, in order to use the title/credential, (RDN)….one must meet certain requirements.


1) Has anyone ever heard of a RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionists)?

There is a regulatory system put in place…Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) – Click here to visit


2) I want to focus on individuals who complete a degree in nutrition (health science).


Simply, not everyone has an interest to become an RDN, and I would like to elaborate.

Regardless, individuals can EARN a education in the field of nutrition (with out becoming an RDN).


As an example: David Getoff is not a (RDN) — he is a successful nutritionist – learn about him:


As an example: I am not a (RDN) – I, however, completed my edu in nutrition and exercise science.


3) Accredited universities only promote the AND’s message!? Junk food sponsors and misinformation!

This is questionable, partially true (depending on all things). I studied dietetics and know this to be true and it permeates (school lunch program and hospital setting) Unfortunately, people of my nature (or some upcoming nutrition professionals) are left with limited options. Furthermore, the AND is often mistaken as the most prestigious association for upcoming nutrition professionals…

WHATEVER THE CASE? That’s subjective – I’LL LET you decide.


4) Why should the title, nutritionist…NOT BE limited/restricted to just RDNs?

If it was strictly their way – I would be restricted to: “a person with an education but cannot operate or use any title!? Nutritionist….gives meaning to what I study or do – as I say,

everyone has a title.

If I study nutrition and exercise science…that’s what I study and do. Simply put! The AND has attempted to (monopolize) and stop (cease and desist) anyone (who they feel is unqualified) from operating as a nutritionist.


5) Unqualified individuals use…dietician / nutritionist?!

I understand some of the issues surrounding this. Did you know…standard MDs (with little to no nutrition training) do the same and it’s LEGAL?! I am for rules/policies. However, I have an issue with impeding on rights / liberties, and I feel that’s worth focusing on. Flip side, the industry prefers to use the main scenario (unqualified people) as a way to INCITE FEAR, stop the free-flow information (freedom of health choices) – again, there’s a bigger picture but some look at fragments of it. Furthermore, what’s your definition of an unqualified person? As an example, I post my academic transcripts and etc for transparency; I don’t go beyond my scope. What I am saying…the public should do research on a person no matter the title or self-proclaimed status.

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