In class experience (nutrition related courses)

Published: Jan 13, 2014

I’m excited about Nutrition (biochemistry)! I completed advance nutrition, and I thought it was interesting and rather educational; I made myself read the textbook which was not an easy feat — mentally..made me work. advanRight, I think it is funny – when I-think-I know…I learn how little my knowledge base is, and how much more there is to learn…I guess that is what keeps me active (motivated), and I evolve. I have no real complaints about nutrition related courses; however, I am somewhat disappointed when idiots get a curve for not attending class..or failing to put an effort…our field of nutrition (dietetics) is flooded with bad dietitians or wannabe nutritional professionals and this is the contributing factor (allowing idiots to surpass); I don’t want to be disrespectful, but what the fuck!? Anyway: I enjoyed learning about how vitamins/minerals work in the body — oddly enough, I am leaning toward biochemistry…I find the subject to be interesting. Furthermore, I find we (as health majors) could really use some more biochemistry knowledge — exercise science majors (especially) — add this course to the curriculum — but it should be comprehensive (not intimating); I meet many exercise physiologist who lack the basics, (and I think it is the lack of knowledge on metabolism)dietetics_sky_is_the. Sincerely, I think USA (universities/colleges) need to reconsider HOW students are taught and WHO instructs a course — I am not impressed with how health majors are handled — students need interaction when completing natural science-base-courses. I learned a lot from natural-science-courses…however, in the last (two years)..I started to learn (and finally pulled info) from nutrition related courses. Again, we need more chemistry — I dislike the MNT courses…it is blind (information is not supported). I think my professors (experiences as a RD) really helped when instructing — it makes more sense, you know? I recall when creating a nutrition plan for a cancer patient…it was god awful. I thought, what the fuck? How the hell is this clear? Therefore: I went online and tried to connect with cancer patients — watched online videos to see (what does a cancer pt ingest). Finally, I came to the realization — cancer patients are human with different needs…furthermore, drugs (neurological issues) may play a role in appetite, and etc. Regardless, I find there is always a system/approach that should be implemented/applied. Anyway: I think new comers to the dietetic major totally miss that aspect, and I want to get the real world experience. GUESS WHAT: I did — my father was diagnosed with cancer…and a survivor!

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