Men who do not measure up — women get a laugh.

WOMEN_FACE  Constantly, women are pressured to look vibrantly thin and that is possible (w/ perfect lighting (photo editing)).

If we thought: only women use (pads—makeup) to enhance certain attributes –

well, I think we all need a wake up call from Niko — “HELLO, WAKE UP!”

We need to put the magnify class on men because they’re no different… ok, men are somewhat different because they have to enhance one particular area below the waist – anyone care to wager a guess as toMALE_BB

what…it…is? Yes, male bodybuilders who wear: spandex or anything less than that.

Well, come on – men need to HAVE THAT FULL LOOK, right? Well, some men fail in one crucial place. OK, picture a muscular guy (w/ muscle-bound legs), but with an average size…does that look…..right? I mean… muscles, everywhere, but just one area does not measure up quite right. Well, how does a man fix it – time to steal mom’s breast/ shoulder pads?

  • How do men really fix this issue?MALE_BULGE

–  Usually, a professional doe/s measurements & designs appropriate gear.
–  One may have tailored gear in such a way (extra layers can add fullness) –
contin: advance silicon may be added into a pocket (in the gear).
–  Some men use drugs to increase blood flow to the penis and will tie (rope) around the penis (near pubic symphysis area) to keep blood from escaping.
–  Furthermore, men may inject saline into certain areas of the penis, which results in a puffy appearance.
Note: I advise the public not to follow any of these procedures.

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