Fitness — 3 step rule:

posted on February 25, 2013

I will post footage of my progression or lack there of. I may go into detail about my exercise/nutrition plan — however, I make no promises. However, I may go through physical changes slowly due to my hiatus — but I do not want to predict success too early — I dislike to be over confident.

“I am human and environmental distractions can break my cycle. Therefore, my everyday life is at stake, but I can manage. The three step rule is essential — and basic. However, few follow — few achieve.” Nicholas D


  • What is my style, nutritional dissection:

– I am all about lifestyle because what we do on a day-to-day basis will greatly impact our future.

  1. What a individuals ingest.
  2. What a Individual watches (media) and is exposed to.
  3. Who a individual associates with.

Yes, the three things that can greatly impact one’s future and it is so basic.

  1. What is a nutritional dissection:

Basically, I do not have a perfect diet 24-7, and I may ingest addictive food/beverage.

“Addictive, what, Nicholas, there is no such thing” says the nutrition expert.

I am referring to food that is geared for a particular purpose. I examine food/beverages, and I want to understand how such-such is created. I observe the ingredients, acidic vs alkaline foods, etc. Since 2006, I have recorded nutritional facts, and it is amazing of how much one can learn — a open mind is a key.

2. What a Individual watches (media), and is exposed to.

Today, the media may not be a reliable source to obtain info, and I came to that realization sooner-than-later. Also, fitness related: I am careful, but I am an investigator (what is true/false) — I am always continuing my education. Furthermore, I do not idolize people who have trainers/coaches (etc) — I idolize the actual coaches/trainers… get it? Therefore, I have very little interest in competitors because I know how it works.

Simply, I set myself on a path, and evaluate based on certain results.

I dislike to watch (most) American media outlets, period.

3. Who a individual associates with — how we think:

I communicate with a diverse group. However, I make an effort to find like-minded individuals who understand my lifestyle — we all have a lifestyle, and it goes both ways — I do not think everyone will say,

“Oh, you have normal living conditions & it is beneficial for your future.”

Again, how we live (occupation — economic background — lifestyle) will separate us into a category — oh, this is not always a bad thing either. If one follows the (3 steps) in this entry…well, our (your — my) destiny can reshape itself; however, the media sends a message to make the average person feel incomplete. Again, I speak to a diverse group — therefore, I associate with the poor & wealthy… sometimes, I am dumbfounded because the person (who is financially poor) seems happy & goal orientated — why? Well, I am poor & goal orientated, and I have an explanation. What is the point, well, I do not define happiness on wealth, and beauty — and I maintain a positive mind-set — this will help in future endeavors.

“Do not confuse people & material possessions as the source of absolute power…because those things can corrupt anyone into a negative, but delusional state of mind.” Nicholas D


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