I completed an education (and created a better version of myself). I wanted to help myself..and later…help others. I’m a human-being: I treat others how I like to be treated. I feel people get pushed to the top because (of the brain-nose business). I am not part of that business or industry. Education is reserved for those who seek – don’t let any person or university stop/halt personal growth. Knowledge comes easy to those that understand.

+ Holistic nutrition.
+ Biochemistry aspect of nutrition.
+ Nutrition epigenetics.
+ Nutraceuticals.
+ Nutritional supplements.
+ Sports nutrition.
+ Exercise (physiology).
+ Herbicides/pesticides as it relates to GI health.


Education isn’t about getting a degree…it’s about earning…put L in front… (L)earning


Timeline: why/how I go-about.

+ Completed/earned HS diploma at a alternative (online school).

+ Online edu is the way of the future – best choice I made since.


2004/6: studied herbal constituents / vitamin metabolism.


2010/11: attended a accredited university.


2010/11: dietetic / nutrition (nutr) science at a accredited university (uni).

When completing medical nutrition therapy (MNT):

– I felt some of the protocols were inadequate and questioned.

+ I pursued an edu (outside of the typical accredited-uni-setting).


2010/11: online edu (holistic nutr) — not associated w/ dietetics.


2012/13: exercise science (accredited university)

+ Studied physiology & exercise protocols

Example: bioenergetics / muscle fibers.


2012/13: basics of plant anatomy / function (relating to herbicides).

– Dietetic curriculum failed to cover herbal / plant matter.

– Focus-point: herbicides (chelation) of minerals.

Example: glyphosate in relation to: gastrointestinal intestinal system.

Keywords: gut (microbiome) dysbiosis.


2013/15: returned/contin dietetics w/ exercise sci (dual).


2017/18: ALICE training (Shooter Civilian Response Training)

2017/18: Care-giving (5hr orientation) PENDING


[Timeline in queue]


Simplified timeline nutrition education:

+ Dietetics / nutrition science at accredited university

+ Attaining Optional Health in the 21st Century

+ Institute of Holistic Nutrition – IHN (continuing education)

+ Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation –

+ Weston A. Price foundation

+ Other: Serve Safe certification

Note: I may have completed material/courses online and or in-person.

[Timeline in queue]



Grades: A , B , p (pass)

thumbs up = good experience .
thumbs down = bad experience.
No rating = no thoughts (so-so).



ENGL Fundamentals College Writing: A

ENGL Writing 1: B

ENGL Writing 2: B

ENGL Women in Literature: B

ACCT Accounting: A

MATH Number Concepts Begin Algebra: B

MATH Elementary Algebraic Models: A

MATH Intermediate Algebra: P

CMST Communication Foundations: B



PSYC General Psychology: P

PSYC Human Sexuality: P

SOC Introduction to Sociology: B

COUN Foundations of Helping Skills for Human Ecology Professionals: A

COUN Intro Ment Hlth Well: A 

MGT Fundamentals of Management: A 

CHFM Individual Family Development: P

FNUT Community Nutr and Wellness: B

HMEC Human Ecology Professions: P

HMEC Communication of Contemporary Issues: A 


MATC Medical Terminology: B

BIOL Anatomy and Physiology 1: B

BIOL Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab: B

BIOL 1552 UG Anatomy and Physiology 2: B

BIOL Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab: B

BIOL Microbiology Health Prof: A

BIOL Microbiology Hlth Prof Lab: A

CHEM Introduction to Chemistry: A

CHEM Intro Chemistry Lab: A

CHEM Allied Health Chemistry 1: B

CHEM Allied Health Chemistry 1 Lab: B

CHEM Allied Health Chemistry 2: B

CHEM Allied Health Chemistry 2 Lab: B

CHEM General Chemistry 1: P

CHEM General Chemistry 1 Lab: P



FNUT Nutritional Biochemistry: B

FNUT Advanced Nutrition: B

FNUT Maternal and Child Nutrition A

FNUT Nutrition Health and Aging: A

FNUT Normal Nutrition: A

FNUT Nutrition Assessment Lab: A

FNUT Medical Nutrition Therapy 1: B

FNUT Medical Nutrition Ther 1 Lab: A

FNUT Medical Nutrition Therapy 2: B

FNUT Medical Nutrition Therapy 3: B

FNUT Science of Nutrition Exercise: A

FNUT Food Science and Management: B

FNUT Food Science and Managemnt Lab: P

FNUT Food Systems: B

FNUT Food and Culture: P

FNUT Food Systems Lab: A

FNUT Experimental Foods: A

FNUT Experimental Foods Lab: A

FNUT Food Service System Management: B

FNUT DPD capstone:  B 



HPES Physiology of exercise: A

HPES Physiology of exercise lab: B

FNUT Science of Nutrition Exercise: A

HPES Weight Training: A

HPES Physical Activity Core Concept: A

HPES Racquetball: A

HPES Intro Concepts PE Exercise Sci: A

HPES Self Defense: A

HPES Aerobic Condition Activities: P


Online related courses/edu:

note: courses completed online.

Nutrition biochemistry A

Exercise physiology A

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