Nutrition and exercise science major

Revised: 7/29/17 – I created a video series on this very topic which is available on social media.

Revised: 6/1/14 (entry incomplete: I will add more info).

I was contacted and some of you are curious w/ nutrition/exercise science edu. So, I tried to provide a (non-bias) answer.

For example: do I recommend Dietetics? If yes/no, why? Do I like the course work, and how would I rate (instructors and the environment)? Friendly?

Answer: I have mixed views, damn it – at times, I am blunt…not good if it goes against the herd so-to-speak. Dietetics is what you make of it, and no — the environment isn’t always inviting (nor friendly). However, there are contributing factors that play a role, and I will focus on a few.

Dislike (relating to gender) – Dietetics: predominantly female (students and instructors). Personally, I don’t meet a lot of male registered dietitians (RDs) /instructors…unless he is gay, and I mean no disrespect (much love). Sure, men are treated differently, possibly. Personally, I have no issue working with women or homosexual men (professionals are not limited/restricted to gender/sexual orientation).

(Environment) – Exercise science: I completed few courses, and I  easily/instantly fit in. Notice the difference in response – no hesitation! Gender: there’s a handful of men and women (which is positive).

 :( Reality check – Dietetics: Now, I realize there’s a demand for (male) RDS, but I don’t see a significant increase anytime soon. As a male, I am not impressed with how the system works, and I am referring to The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND). I find it ironic: a lot of men state the same — especially (men) who changed majors (example: nutrition to exercise science). Men have a different outlook.

I heard similar comments: “Dietetics coursework is crap and a waste of time because we are limited to what the academy wants us to know. Down-side, it/ll take me 6 years to actually make something out-of-nothing.”

note: personally, I do not entirely agree w/ this statement.

Dietetics – Course work: I notice (most men) don’t take interest and fail to do well on  (homework/course work) unless (he copies from an outside source). Personally, I have worked w/ students and notice the difference.

Question: Why is it like this?

Answer: well, I cannot give a one answer to fit all. Men have a different interpretation/response relating to any and everything, ha. I will put one’s gender aside: I notice individual work is not always a good thing (nor appreciated); I see an alarming amount of plagiarism and academic dishonest (especially in the field of Dietetics). Figuratively speaking, I see many getting spa treatment and it’s pitiful. I love the course work (example: advance nutrition – nutrition biochemistry) because it is of interest, and I can be creative (in how I study and complete my work). My efforts — does it go unnoticed? Possibly, yea.. I don’t care, though – I enjoy my time, and I am less interested in a staged (bogus) compliment.

Question: Dietetics (professors)? How are they?

Answer: I know this is difficult for a (man/s-man) to understand. As a male student: one has to learn the basics (example: how you act and present yourself is important – this is not exercise you know). Why? Some exams are in essay format (not always multiple choice) – sometimes knowing your stuff does not cut it — I know…unfair, right? As an example: at times, I noticed my instructor acted more on personal view/emotion than fairness; personally, I notice men get cocky (females notice this conduct and dislike it).


Weight training course

Revised: 1/24/15

Weight training course: today, actually in a few minutes..I will be completing today’s class. Every time I attend — I often think about all the bullshit workout programs people follow on a regular basis.

I often think: “What ever happened to experimentation?”

Experimentation: simply, go into the gym, and practice (if you’re a healthy individual). Guess what, I don’t see much of this anymore…I see more copying than learning!

What makes it worse? I see (supposedly trained person/s who act as personal trainers) providing such bias input/advice, and poor direction to clients/members. I am often left speechless because it is….WRONG on many levels! 

Any advice?
Do not devalue yourself, and the worse thing you can do…give up and don’t do anything. The best thing you can do…practice in whatever way that fits your physical ability. If you’re unable to become a Olympic lifter, fine. You don’t have to be a Olympic lifter or bodybuilder. Who can you be, YOUR SELF!

At the end of this entry: be yourself – make individualized goals, and be realistic. If you want to look like a fitness competitor: realize…you will have to devote part of your life to just that….a lifestyle.