Men who do not measure up — women get a laugh.

WOMEN_FACE  Constantly, women are pressured to look vibrantly thin and that is possible (w/ perfect lighting (photo editing)).

If we thought: only women use (pads—makeup) to enhance certain attributes –

well, I think we all need a wake up call from Niko — “HELLO, WAKE UP!”

We need to put the magnify class on men because they’re no different… ok, men are somewhat different because they have to enhance one particular area below the waist – anyone care to wager a guess as toMALE_BB

what…it…is? Yes, male bodybuilders who wear: spandex or anything less than that.

Well, come on – men need to HAVE THAT FULL LOOK, right? Well, some men fail in one crucial place. OK, picture a muscular guy (w/ muscle-bound legs), but with an average size…does that look…..right? I mean… muscles, everywhere, but just one area does not measure up quite right. Well, how does a man fix it – time to steal mom’s breast/ shoulder pads?

  • How do men really fix this issue?MALE_BULGE

–  Usually, a professional doe/s measurements & designs appropriate gear.
–  One may have tailored gear in such a way (extra layers can add fullness) –
contin: advance silicon may be added into a pocket (in the gear).
–  Some men use drugs to increase blood flow to the penis and will tie (rope) around the penis (near pubic symphysis area) to keep blood from escaping.
–  Furthermore, men may inject saline into certain areas of the penis, which results in a puffy appearance.
Note: I advise the public not to follow any of these procedures.

Nutr/exercise certificates legit?


Revised: 08/02/17

Originally published: 2013-14
As I was reviewing previous entries… I was gonna delete this one. Currently, I have a different, but stronger standpoint. While completing college courses… I guess there was a certain level of peer-pressure, but I didn’t let that get to me. In the beginning, I was brainwashed to believe that all certifications are bad. I guess some people pay for college courses and expect the world to follow. Some individuals bash all certifications. Personally, I attended a alternative school to complete my high school diploma. I recall people doubting me – it was the best choice I ever did. So, with that example, I didn’t want to be ignorant to different forms of education (that includes certifications). I didn’t want to limit myself. While attending college, I noticed dietitians criticizing individuals w/ a nutrition certification. However, that same dietitian had a certification in exercise…talk about hypocrisy. Again, I didn’t want to be that ignorant type. While completing MNT, I was completing online educational webinars; actually, I started to produce some, which is available online. After completing college-level (nutrition and exercise) courses…you’d think I’d be against certifications? No. Actually, I find some to be adequate. With that said, not all are created equal – not all people put in the same amount of effort nor care. Guess what, in college, I’d have to say…it’s no different – some people care and others do not. Matter of fact, I am looking to earn another certification (continue my education). What do I like most about certifications? Specifically, I can choose what / how I want to study…as opposed to attending a college level course w/ an awful instructor (reading word for word from a PowerPoint).

February 18, 2013
I really do not understand all the hype (commercial stuff). I guess some of us think training at a high end gym is more important; I think exercise should be the main reason for joining, right?


Some of us get too caught up on…

”Is my personal trainer (PT) certified because that is so important….or is it?

— is it state of the art equipment and is the floor made of gold?


  • Certified personal trainer (PT):

I notice some of us believe…certified (PTs) are highly educated…continue reading.

  1. A decent percent of us can become a certified trainer in less than 3months…
  2. all is left is a association to get certified under — it is that easy. Sorry to disappoint, I guess the term….certified personal trainer means….hard working individual who passes a rigorous test on: basic chemistry, physiology/anatomy, and instructional demonstrations; well, I wish most of us were qualified, but not in my state.
  3. Some personal trainers (I have met)…fail to know the basics and pretend to be a fitness instructor.
  4. Some trainers (ranging in age: 27-36) cannot complete a basic (beginners) routine (which is supposedly designed by them)..S/he may steal plans from the internet — note: this so common in most chain gyms (ex: planet fitness – anytime fitness). s/he will act as a nutrition expert & write nutrition prescriptions, which is against the law. s/he will quote studies, but fail to know the context of the actual study.

note: personally, I do take past injuries (genetics) into consideration ( can limit one’s physical ability / activity / metabolism) — perfection is not an objective — education in some form is.

What is state-of-the-art-equipment?

      1. State-of-the-art equipment is designed to work with the natural movements of the human body to support a strength training / cardiovascular workout tailored to one’s needs.
      2. Some PTs make a big deal out of this — “we use state of the art equipment.”
      3. In any case: again, I think any piece of equipment (that is effective) should be implemented.

note: I am not referring to physical therapy –

– PTs should use science base evidence to support claims.

In my response, “I think we as a country need to know how things work – our body is included.” In other words: do not believe someone because s/he works at a gym / health food store – they are just as clueless as the next person. All they know how to do is read from a note card or I-phone — enough said”


      • What do I use?

– I try not to limit myself, and so; I will use any piece of equipment (if it reduces injury & delivers (desirable) results). Therefore, I use free weights – machines…again, I know HOW TO USE the machine…the machine does not use me — do not be a DUMB-bell

Fitness — 3 step rule:

posted on February 25, 2013

I will post footage of my progression or lack there of. I may go into detail about my exercise/nutrition plan — however, I make no promises. However, I may go through physical changes slowly due to my hiatus — but I do not want to predict success too early — I dislike to be over confident.

“I am human and environmental distractions can break my cycle. Therefore, my everyday life is at stake, but I can manage. The three step rule is essential — and basic. However, few follow — few achieve.” Nicholas D


  • What is my style, nutritional dissection:

– I am all about lifestyle because what we do on a day-to-day basis will greatly impact our future.

  1. What a individuals ingest.
  2. What a Individual watches (media) and is exposed to.
  3. Who a individual associates with.

Yes, the three things that can greatly impact one’s future and it is so basic.

  1. What is a nutritional dissection:

Basically, I do not have a perfect diet 24-7, and I may ingest addictive food/beverage.

“Addictive, what, Nicholas, there is no such thing” says the nutrition expert.

I am referring to food that is geared for a particular purpose. I examine food/beverages, and I want to understand how such-such is created. I observe the ingredients, acidic vs alkaline foods, etc. Since 2006, I have recorded nutritional facts, and it is amazing of how much one can learn — a open mind is a key.

2. What a Individual watches (media), and is exposed to.

Today, the media may not be a reliable source to obtain info, and I came to that realization sooner-than-later. Also, fitness related: I am careful, but I am an investigator (what is true/false) — I am always continuing my education. Furthermore, I do not idolize people who have trainers/coaches (etc) — I idolize the actual coaches/trainers… get it? Therefore, I have very little interest in competitors because I know how it works.

Simply, I set myself on a path, and evaluate based on certain results.

I dislike to watch (most) American media outlets, period.

3. Who a individual associates with — how we think:

I communicate with a diverse group. However, I make an effort to find like-minded individuals who understand my lifestyle — we all have a lifestyle, and it goes both ways — I do not think everyone will say,

“Oh, you have normal living conditions & it is beneficial for your future.”

Again, how we live (occupation — economic background — lifestyle) will separate us into a category — oh, this is not always a bad thing either. If one follows the (3 steps) in this entry…well, our (your — my) destiny can reshape itself; however, the media sends a message to make the average person feel incomplete. Again, I speak to a diverse group — therefore, I associate with the poor & wealthy… sometimes, I am dumbfounded because the person (who is financially poor) seems happy & goal orientated — why? Well, I am poor & goal orientated, and I have an explanation. What is the point, well, I do not define happiness on wealth, and beauty — and I maintain a positive mind-set — this will help in future endeavors.

“Do not confuse people & material possessions as the source of absolute power…because those things can corrupt anyone into a negative, but delusional state of mind.” Nicholas D